Gidon Avraham

Mother tongue: Swedish

Source language: Hebrew, English, German, Swedish

Target language: Hebrew, Swedish


A translator-member of Sveriges Författarförbund (SFF), which is the Swedish association of Writers and translators of literary works. A member of the Swedish association of professional illustrators (ST). Successfully completed assignments for Swedish publishers and companies like Jonsered and AGA-Gas.

Translation and terminology support in a long-term EssNet-project in Stockholm, Tel-aviv and Budapest.


Company: Linguistrator AB

Phone: 46-706864343


Address: Rådjursstigen 4, 2tr

ZIP code: 115 43

City: Stockholm


Member category: Full member

Area of expertise: General texts, Agreements/Contracts, Insurance, Commerce, Advertising/Copy, Tourism, Educational material, Marketing/PR

Other areas: Culture, Education, Mechanical engineering, Grades/Certificates, Photography, Bible texts, Bible commentary, Modern prose, Education and special education.

Program: The usual applications and the multulingual version of Adobe InDesign ME

Other services: Language teaching, Graphic production and illustration