Maria do Carmo Rodrigues Amorim

Mother tongue: Portuguese

Source language: Swedish

Target language: Portuguese


My name is Maria do Carmo Rodrigues Amorim and I run Svepo Translations, a sole trader enterprise, registered in Sweden since 2008.
Svepo Translations provides technical translations and proofreading services from Swedish and English into Portuguese within the following main fields:
- Energy (power production and use)
- Engineering (mechanics, machinery and equipment technology, automotive technology, etc.)
- Environment
- Chemistry
- Legal

Other services:
- General translations (folders, journalistic texts, websites, etc.)
- Linguistic and cultural customization of products and texts.


Company: Svepo Translations

Phone: + 46(0)703516959


ZIP code: Setúbal

City: Portugal


Member category: Associate member

Area of expertise: Energy technology, Mechanical engineering, Power Generation, Chemistry, Environment, Material Handling, General texts

Other areas: Forestry, Physics,

Program: Translation

Other services: Language revision, Proofreading, Language teaching