Kristian Hannler

Mother tongue: Swedish

Source language: English

Target language: Swedish


My name is Kristian Hannler. I have a Bachelor´s Degree in translation from Swedish into English. I run my own business, and I pay class F tax. I studied English for one year at Umeå University. I also studied translation from English into Swedish at Stockholm University for two years. I have studied nonfiction, fiction and subtitling. I also translate from Swedish into English.

Example of translations: theology, IT, tourism, jurisprudence, history, economics, (advertising for fashion, video games) and medicine.

I have also done a translation for the company Native Translation. It was a translation of an advertisement for sustainable fashion. I received very good feedback on it, since I wrote a very pragmatic translation.

My customers are Leo Kantor at the translation bureaus Adekvat, Lennart Westman at Language Team and Baltic Media,

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with your translations.


Company: Din Översättningshjälp-Engelska Till Svenska

Phone: 070 284 88 90


Address: Kåddis 66

ZIP code: 905 92

City: Umeå


Member category: Avslutad