Advertising in e-versättaren

You can advertise in our online magazine e-versättaren.

Ads are published in the right column (desktop) / main column (responsive) in e-versättaren. When users click on an ad, a new window opens with the URL chosen by the advertiser.

File format: JPG, PNG or GIF.
Sizes and prices:
800 x 800 px (WxH – 100% square) – 5,000 SEK/mo.
800 x 600 px (WxH – 75% square) – 4,000 SEK/mo.
800 x 400 px (WxH – 50% square) – 3,000 SEK/mo.
800 x 200 px (WxH – 25% square) – 2,000 SEK/mo.
all prices excl. VAT

Sponsored articles/videos: text and image/video must be supplied by the customer.
Price: Ask for a quotation.

Do you want to launch a campaign for several months, or are you interested in packages in connection with our events? Contact us at and we will provide you with an offer.