Our Organisation

The Swedish Association of Professional Translators and Authorised Interpreters (SFÖ–SAT)

The Swedish Association of Professional Translators and Authorised Interpreters (SFÖ-SAT) is a non-profit industry organisation for translators and authorised interpreters. Our more than 700 members are professional translators, and since 2023 the association has also been open to authorised interpreters. Our members translate or interpret to or from Swedish and, altogether more than 50 languages are represented among the members.

We also have language companies as corporate members in 2023, but will switch to a sponsorship model from 2024.

Until we have agreed on a new name, the abbreviation SFÖ–SAT will be used.


What is a professional translator?

The translators represented by SFÖ–SAT are technical and specialised translators who mainly deal with texts such as instruction manuals, brochures, education and training materials, datasheets and other kinds of information and marketing texts, in brief most things other than literature. The association’s translators all have certified translation experience and have supplied references from clients.

What is an authorised interpreter?

Authorised interpreters have had their level of knowledge tested and approved by Kammarkollegiet (Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency), which also examines their suitability for the profession. Tests for interpreters are held at two different levels: authorised interpreter and authorised interpreter with specialist expertise as court interpreter or medical interpreter.

What does SFÖ–SAT do?

SFÖ–SAT works to raise the profile of, develop and strengthen professional translators and authorised interpreters in their professional roles and build networks between professional translators and authorised interpreters and users of their services. We do this by:

  • offering a search database in which our members present their services and where clients can find the right translator or interpreter for each project.
  • arranging courses, conferences and webinars for members and other stakeholders
  • acting as a referral body for authorities on matters concerning language and translation and interpreting
  • providing advice on procurement of translation and interpreting services.

The association nurtures the status of and good professional conduct in the translation and interpreting professions. Read more in our Code of Professional Conduct.

Do you need a translator or an authorised interpreter?

You’ve come to the right place! Although SFÖ–SAT does not act as an intermediary for translation or interpreting services, it offers a database in which you can search on language combination and/or subject area and find a translator or interpreter with the right expertise for your project. We can also provide advice on what you should think about when procuring or buying translation or interpreting services. Read more at Buying translation.


Are you a translator or would you like to become one?

If you are, or would like to become, a translator, you are welcome to apply for membership. As a member of Sweden’s largest organisation for translators, you will become part of an active association with a broad range of activities. You will gain access to a large and valuable network and an opportunity to develop at both the personal and professional levels. In addition, you will gain access to a range of benefits and an opportunity to create a selling profile in our database and become searchable for customers looking for translators — a valuable marketing tool. We also have a special membership category for students on the way to becoming translators. As a student member, you can join our mentorship scheme, where you can get advice, encouragement and guidance from the association’s many experienced translators.

Are you an authorised interpreter, or would you like to become a member?

If you are an authorised interpreter, you are welcome to apply for membership. As Swedish Authorised Interpreters (SAT) did not merge with SFÖ until 2023, the association is still in the process of formulating its specific interpreter offering, but translators and interpreters have much in common, and the services offered to translators will also be of benefit to the interpreter members.


All our members have an opportunity to take out inexpensive insurance tailored to self-employed people in the translation industry, Read more about our terms of membership and membership benefits or contact us if you have any questions about membership.