Annelie Tinworth

Mother tongue: Swedish

Associate member


I really like translating, but I LOVE transcreating, revising and editing! It simply satisfies the creative language nit-picker in me. Working with me, you get engaging and idiomatic texts delivered on time, every time. I specialise in Content, Marketing and Communication for the retail+e-commerce industry and the travel+hospitality industry. I have a cross-industry background in IT business development and in the travel industry to add to 10+ years as a translator, account linguist and project manager. Since 2007 I have helped clients develop and maintain a clear and consistent language profile. This strengthens their company identity, reflects the company’s good reputation and enhances their customers’ experience – resulting in increased and sustained customer loyalty. I can do the same for you and your clients. In short: I make your copy come to life, your message compelling and your communication engaging. I make sure that your Swedish customers and clients really get it.

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Company: Tinworth Translations

Phone: +46 736 102969

Address: Lostigen 40

Post code: 17075

City: Solna

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