Carl-Henrik Hammarlund

Mother tongue: Swedish

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I am a qualified freelance translator to Swedish from English, with competence also for translation from Danish and Norwegian. <br>I have vast experience in translating specialized texts from various subject fields. Although my knowledge is especially good within the fields of travelling/geography, religion, music and sports, I have been working with many other special areas as well. I have worked very frequently with EU texts (especially texts from the European Parliament and the Commission), and I have done games, safety data sheets, patient information leaflets and SPC’s, marketing and websites, and several instruction manuals. Besides, I have an extremely inquiring mind, always being thirsty for enhanced knowledge. <br>Eagerness to learn is one of my biggest driving forces, but I am also driven by the fact that I love to work with languages and get an outlet for my creativity as I write. The translator’s profession is a wonderful combination of these three factors! For me, some of the important things about a project is openness, honesty, commitment and interest. You should be able to actually feel something for the text you are working on.

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Company: Carl-Henrik Hammarlund

Phone: 070-636 82 47

Address: Knarruddevägen 3

Post code: 472 98

City: Askerön

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English Swedish
Danish Swedish
Norwegian Swedish
Spanish Swedish

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literary marketing social sciences


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