Rikard Ehnsiö

Mother tongue: Swedish

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With a PhD in Middle Eastern History from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) and with a BA/MA from Uppsala University in Sweden, one could argue that I am just as familiar with academic English as its Swedish counterpart. Even though history is “my thing,” I have also worked with most subjects within the humanities and social sciences (in particular economics and politics). Apart from strictly academic texts, I am also familiar with a more general/everyday form of English, as I have lived outside of Sweden for many years (the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel). In my work as a translator, I am diligent and I work hard to ensure that the translated text retains as much as possible of the style and character of the original text. Last, but not least, I would also say that I am an easy-going person to deal with – both professionally and in private – in addition to being a pretty nice guy.

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Company: Sans Serif

Phone: 0704032957

Address: Norrlandsgatan 44 B

Post code: 752 29

City: Uppsala

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English Swedish
Swedish English

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science financial social sciences


translation proofreading